Slate Multicolor
Slate MulticolorSlate MulticolorSlate MulticolorSlate MulticolorSlate MulticolorSlate Multicolor


Product Description

Cornerstone offers its own unique interpretation of the stones of the world based on a fresh vision and new reproduction technologies. Distinctive forms and geological rarities collected from the four corners of the planet are used to create a stone collection with a unique identity. Clean surfaces obtained from quarry-hewn stone reveal details of astonishing variety.

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Product Information
Style Nominal Tile Size Nominal Tile Thickness Item Code
Slate Multicolor 12x24 3/8" SS634F2R
Slate Multicolor 6x48 - 18x36 - 24x48 - Decos Special Order
Frost Resistant Variation Minimum Grout Joint Recommendation Recycled Content Rectified
Resistant V3 Please follow TCNA guidelines 7.5% Yes
Technical Specs
D.C.O.F. Wet Moisture Absorption Breaking Strength Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance MOHs
≥ 0.42 Compliant ≥ 700 lbs Compliant 4
Recommended Uses
Indoor Outside Walls Floors Residential Commercial Wet Areas Pools