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More is a modern design surface; it is a balanced blend of stones developed by Piemme research and available in numerous shapes and finishes; all this is enhanced by three-dimensional surfaces and decorations which make More a real architectural material.

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Product Information
Style Nominal Tile Size Nominal Tile Thickness Item Code
Bianco Natural 18X36 7/16" SS-00591
Bianco Natural 12X24 3/8" SS-00612
Bianco Polished 12X24 3/8" SS-00617
Bianco Muretto 12X24 3/8" SS-00719
Bianco Design 12X24 3/8" SS-00648
Bianco 2x2 3/8" SS-00659
Grigio Natural 18X36 7/16" SS-00595
Grigio Natural 12X24 3/8" SS-00616
Grigio Polished 12X24 3/8" SS-00621
Grigio Muretto 12X24 3/8" SS-00724
Grigio Design 12X24 3/8" SS-00653
Grigio 2x2 3/8" SS-00664
Perla Natural 18X36 7/16" SS-00592
Perla Natural 12X24 3/8" SS-00613
Perla Polished 12X24 3/8" SS-00618
Perla Muretto 12X24 3/8" SS-00721
Perla Design 12X24 3/8" SS-00649
Perla 2x2 3/8" SS-00661
Tortora Natural 18X36 7/16" SS-00594
Tortora Natural 12X24 3/8" SS-00615
Tortora Polished 12X24 3/8" SS-00620
Tortora Muretto 12X24 3/8" SS-00723
Tortora Design 12X24 3/8" SS-00652
Tortora 2x2 3/8" SS-00663
Bianco See PDF for additional sizes Special Order
Grigio See PDF for additional sizes Special Order
Perla See PDF for additional sizes Special Order
Tortora See PDF for additional sizes Special Order
Avorio Natural See PDF for additional sizes Special Order
Avorio Polished See PDF for additional sizes Special Order
Avorio Muretto 12x24 3/8" Special Order
Avorio Design 12x24 3/8" Special Order
Frost Resistant Variation Minimum Grout Joint Recommendation Recycled Content Rectified
Resistant V3 Please follow TCNA guidelines 10% Yes
Technical Specs
D.C.O.F. Wet Moisture Absorption Breaking Strength Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance MOHs
••> 0.42 Compliant ••≥ 250 lbf Compliant 4 Not Applicable
Recommended Uses
Indoor Outside Walls Floors Residential Commercial Wet Areas Pools