Symmetry brings the design inspiration of fine fabrics to a whole new level.
Commercially rated for all floor and wall uses, Symmetry features two distinctive fabric patterns: Linen, inspired by the clean lines and elegant appearance of classic fabric looks popular for generations, and Wave, featuring a bolder geometric statement seen in fine clothing, furniture and decorative trims worldwide.

Made in America

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Product Information
Style Nominal Tile Size Nominal Tile Thickness Item Code
Cafe Linen 12X24 5/16" SSMTG104
Moon Glow Linen 12X24 5/16" SSMTG105
Morning Mist Linen 12X24 5/16" SSMTG106
Starry Night Linen 12X24 5/16" SSMTG107
Sunrise Linen 12X24 5/16" SSMTG108
Cafe Wave 12X24 5/16" SSMTW104
Moon Glow Wave 12X24 5/16" SSMTW105
Morning Mist Wave 12X24 5/16" SSMTW106
Starry Night Wave 12X24 5/16" SSMTW107
Sunrise Wave 12X24 5/16" SSMTW108
Cafe Linen 3X12 5/16" SSMTG3104
Moon Glow Linen 3X12 5/16" SSMTG3105
Morning Mist Linen 3X12 5/16" SSMTG3106
Starry Night Linen 3X12 5/16" SSMTG3107
Sunrise Linen 3X12 5/16" SSMTG3108
Cafe Wave 3X12 5/16" SSMTW3104
Moon Glow Wave 3X12 5/16" SSMTW3105
Morning Mist Wave 3X12 5/16" SSMTW3106
Starry Night Wave 3X12 5/16" SSMTW3107
Sunrise Wave 3X12 5/16" SSMTW3108
Frost Resistant Variation Minimum Grout Joint Recommendation Recycled Content Rectified
Resistanat V1 Please follow TCNA guidelines Pre Consumer: ≥ 31% Yes
Post Consumer: ≥ 9%
Technical Specs
D.C.O.F. Wet Moisture Absorption Breaking Strength Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance MOHs
0.58 0.10% 486 lbf Class A 4 7
Recommended Uses
Indoor Outside Walls Floors Residential Commercial Wet Areas Pools