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Revival is defined as a “renewed attention to or interest in something. A new presentation or publication of something old.” With the Revival collection there is new interest and new attention brought to a classic travertine stone. Inspired by the Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park, Revival is the embodiment of the American spirit and ingenuity. The gentle palette and fluid movement in the graphic perfectly captures the hand carved, worn appearance of the stone in this breathtaking American landmark.

Product Information
Style Nominal Tile Size Nominal Tile Thickness Item Code
Almond 12x24 5/16" SS30606
Ivory 12x24 5/16" SS30605
Silver 12x24 5/16" SS30607
Walnut 12x24 5/16" SS30604
Almond 2x2 5/16" SS306062X2
Ivory 2x2 5/16" SS306052X2
Silver 2x2 5/16" SS306072X2
Walnut 2x2 5/16" SS306042X2
Frost Resistant Variation Minimum grout joint recommendation Recycled content Rectified
Resistant V3 Please follow TCNA guidelines Yes Yes
Technical Specs
D.C.O.F. Wet Moisture Absorption Breaking Strength Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance MOH’s
≥0.64 WET ≤0.5% ≥400 Not Affected 4 -
Recommended Uses
Walls Floors Residential Commercial