Castle Picasso Travertine


Castle Picasso Travertine is classic travertine stone available in a variety of sizes.

Product Information
Style Nominal Tile Size Nominal Tile Thickness Item Code
Picasso Honed Mini Pencil 5/8x12 CASTLEPENPICA5/
Picasso Honed Chair Rail 2x12 Aspendos CASTLEPICASPEND
Picasso Honed and Filled 1x1 CASTLEPICA1X1HF
Picasso Honed and Filled 3x6 CASTLEPICA3X6HF
Picasso Honed and Filled 6x6 CASTLEPICA6X6HF
Picasso Honed and Filled 6x18 CASTLEPIC6X18HF
Picasso Tumbled 1x1 CASTLEPICA1X1TU
Picasso Tumbled 2x2 CASTLEPICA2X2TU
Picasso Tumbled 2x4 Brick Joint CASTLEPICA2X4TU
Picasso Tumbled 3x6 CASTLEPICA3X6TU
Picasso Tumbled 4x4 CASTLEPICA4X4TU
Picasso Tumbled 6x6 CASTLEPICA6X6TU
Frost Resistant Variation Minimum grout joint recommendation Recycled content Rectified
Please follow TCNA guidelines
Technical Specs
Recommended Uses
Indoor Outside Walls Floors Residential Commercial Wet Areas Pools