Glassworks – Cast glass bricks


This Glassworks collection of bricks are cast glass, which means that they are made from molten glass poured into casts or molds. The frosted undulating surface takes on a different character dependent on light conditions.  They are made from 80 per cent recycled glass.

There are two collections of these cast glass bricks – Radiance and Eclipse.  Radiance bricks and mosaic have the almost magical properties of changing color, enhanced by a reflective backing for an extra glow, in both Gloss and Frosted finishes.   Eclipse is a collection of cast glass bricks in rich deep colors with lightly frosted surfaces. The deep colors result from a reflective colored backing.  The tiles undulate slightly, creating a stunning effect as they change appearance under different lighting.

See the attached catalogue for more information on the full line.

Product Information
Style Nominal Tile Size Nominal Tile Thickness Item Code
Radiance glass bricks - Pink gloss and Pink frost 3 x 7⅞ 5/16 Special Order approx 2 weeks
- Blue gloss and Blue frost
- Pearl gloss and Pearl frost
- Silver gloss and Silver frost
Radiance - Mosaic/All colors 12x12⅜ sheets 5/16 Special Order approx 2 weeks
Eclipse glass bricks 3 x 8⅗ 5/16 Special Order approx 2 weeks
Colors - Deimos / Janus / Amalthea / Leda / Despina /
Helene / Dione / Arche / Ophelia / Elara / Charon
Frost Resistant Variation Minimum grout joint recommendation Recycled content Rectified
Not Resistant Please follow TCNA guidelines No
Technical Specs
D.C.O.F. Wet Moisture Absorption Breaking Strength Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance MOH’s
Recommended Uses
Walls Floors Residential Commercial