Cement Block



Cement Block is a tile series consisting of three different looks – Cement Block field tiles, Zigzag, and Artisan Brick.

Cement Block field tiles in 5 soft shades with fragments of aggregates create Cement Block’s identity. With more subtlety and smoothness, this new material brings the versatility of the cement and the refreshing air of pastel tones to the floor, or the wall, of the entire house.

ZigZag is a straight line that comes and goes, soars and falls to the surface level, creating the ZigZag tile tridimensional surface.  A soft palette transforms into raw material for monochromatic compositions, contrasting or complementing walls in the entire house.

Artisan Brick is expressed in soft and refreshing colors made from a mix of colored clay with small fragments of glass interpreted as small bricks. Rustic charm in a quite modern version.


Technical Specifications
Style Nominal Tile Size Nominal Tile Thickness Item Code
Cement Block glazed porcelain field tile all colors 32x32 /2x2 mosaic 10mm Special Order approx 2-3 weeks
Cement Block color body field tile all colors 12x24 8.5mm Special Order approx 2-3 weeks
Zigzag white body ceramic wall tile all colors 12x36 12mm Special Order approx 2-3 weeks
Artisan Brick clay/cement/glass chip wall tile all colors 2.5x15 12mm Special Order approx 2-3 weeks
Frost Resistant Variation Minimum grout joint recommendation Recycled content Rectified
Resistant V1 (Zigzag)/V2 (Cement Block and Artisan Brick) Please follow TCNA guidelines Yes Cement Block 32x32 and Artisan Brick
Walls Floors Residential Commercial
D.C.O.F. Wet Moisture Absorption Breaking Strength Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance MOH’s
≥0.42% wet Cement Block field≤0.5% Resistant
Zigzag/Artisan Brick≤10% Resistant