Lithology Edition



A new collection that consists of four colors; Sandstone White, Moscato Taupe, Moscato Sand, and Ibiza White. All of these are available in the 12×24 size.

Sandstone White:
An original blend between two stones brings to life this beautiful material, whose charm is found in the richness in textures resulting from the mix of thin veining and soft degraded.

Moscato Taupe and Sand:
Inspired in the all-time favorite Crema Marfil, updated into a seamless pattern with gold and sand undertones. Emphasized by the carving in the veining, to bring more authenticity to the marble.

Ibiza White:
The essence of Invisible Grey, the new IT Stone, is a White marble with strong veins that achieve a beautiful composition of contrasts. Along with the carving effect, a low relief that matches perfectly with each vein by digital decoration, this material accomplishes an extremely natural look.

Technical Specifications
Style Nominal Tile Size Nominal Tile Thickness Item Code
Sandstone White 12x24 8.5mm SS122474
Moscato Taupe 12x24 8.5mm SS122475
Moscato Sand 12x24 8.5mm SS122476
Ibiza White 12x24 8.5mm SS122477
Frost Resistant Variation Minimum grout joint recommendation Recycled content Rectified
Resistant V3 Please follow TCNA guidelines Yes Yes
Walls Floors Residential Commercial
D.C.O.F. Wet Moisture Absorption Breaking Strength Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance MOH’s
≥ 0.42 ≥ 0.5 ≥ 275 Resistant Unaffected Resistant N/A